Marjolein has
got all hands
back on deck

after the treatment at
Chiropractie Van der Laan

Chiropractic care
for athletes

Sport chiropractic is a specialization within chiropractic care. In The Netherlands there are currently only a few ICCSP certified sport chiropractors. Mariska earned her ICCSP diploma in September 2011.


Chiropractors are suited to diagnose, treat and prevent injuries and over-use symptoms. An optimally functioning musculoskeletal system ensures better results and less injuries.

The chiropractor can recognize imbalances in the body and create a suitable treatment plan. Not every imbalance leads directly to symptoms. In a well-functioning body there is a good balance of strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.

Athletes, both recreational and competitive, require a different approach since their bodies are put under many more times the force than what we experience in normal daily life. Research and practical experience show that an active approach after an injury can accelerate rehab and also that a preventative approach by the chiropractor can drastically reduce injuries. A multi-disciplinary approach between sport chiropractors, sport doctors, sport physical therapists, sport psychologists, and other (para)medics is paramount.