Suzan can put
her best foot
forward again

after the treatment at
Chiropractie Van der Laan

First Consultation

Your first visit to the chiropractor includes an in-depth interview in which you can tell what your reasons are for your visit. The chiropractor will ask you questions about your symptoms and about your general health. These questions are important to get a good picture of your health. After this interview the chiropractor will do a physical exam.

This exam will include orthopedic and neurological tests. Sometimes a referral to the doctor for supplemental testing (eg. X-ray) is necessary in order to make the best diagnosis. After the exam the chiropractor will talk with you about the findings and propose a treatment plan.

An optimally
nervous system
is a good foundation
for your health.

Treatment plan

The treatment plan includes 3 phases;

Phase 1: Corrective Phase

Phase 2: Stabilization Phase

Phase 3: Maintenance and Prevention Phase

Corrective Phase

Pain reduction and functional improvement are central

Stabilization Phase

The symptoms are gone or well under control and the structural changes have been implemented. In this phase the functioning of the spine and muscles, as well as the adaptability of the musculoskeletal system will be stimulated through treatment and exercise. Damaged tissue like muscles, ligaments, capsules and, in the worst cases, nerve tissue requires a longer recovery time.

Maintenance and Prevention Phase

Preemptively checking the spine and other joints and maintaining their optimal function can greatly reduce the return of symptoms. In addition, an optimally functioning nervous system is a good foundation for your health.

Treatment Techniques

  • Adjustments
  • Cox decompression technique
  • Thompson drop technique
  • Activator
  • Mobilization
  • Muscle relaxation techniques (eg. Active Release Technique)
  • Taping (Sport tape and Kinesio tape)
  • Dry needling